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Radiantlife Money Transfer provides you a simple, secure and fast way to send money abroad. Register with us today and enjoy our excellent rates and low fees.


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Send money to anywhere in the world within minutes.

Transfer money and do cash pick up.

Transfer money instantly to Mobile Money account.

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Great exchange rate with low fees.

Complete transfer within minutes.

Safe and reliable end to end delivery of your money.

Reliable support team ready to assist you all the way.

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Low Cost

Our great exchange rates and low fees ensure you get great value for money.



With our platforms: Web, Android and iOS, you can now transfer money to different countries within minutes.



We ensure a safe and reliable end to end delivery of your money. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Dedicated Team

We have a reliable support team ready to assist you all the way.


"I have been using Radiantlife Money Transfer for over two years. Over the years I have seen a lot of transformation and efficient service. I particularly enjoy the new platform, easier to use and delivery is quick "



"For me, Radiantlife Money transfer rate is highly competitive, I have used other money transfer platform in the past but this one stands out for me. I love every bit of it ."


3 simple steps to transfer money

Create an Account

Sign up on our website or download our app to register on our platform.

Select a Country

Select the country you want to send money to, enter the details of the person or company you are sending money to.

Money Pickup

Your beneficiary receives money in their bank account.